of what?

In the sense of… what? In theological literature and discourse, the words ‘in the sense…’ dominate any or every intellectually penned page, each eloquently written book – the meaning and essence of this phrase encompasses the specific language of theology itself. And what is this essence? What is the importance of these three simple words – a preposition, an adjective, and noun, typically followd by a pronoun, adverb, adjective, etc. – and if this phrase is intrinsic in theology then what is its purpose in relation to food? Why must I read rhetorical questions posed on each and every pseudo-intellectual culture blog permeated by satrical irony (good thought)? It is not simple, but simplicity will regrettably remain the continuous guise encompassing the answer to all of these questions (other than the one about culture blogs which has no answer, hence rhetorical): meaning and context. The phrase ‘in the sense that’ connects the preceding noun, in this case food, with its meaning within the specified context: it all boils down to meaning, whatever ‘it’ is. Many people excessively question – no wrestle with, deliberate over, tear their robes, put on sackcloth, and heap ashes apon their heads whilst pursuing – the meaning of life. Having found the answer to this question, I find it slightly inane; I have therefore migrated to a bit more compelling and palatable question (no pun intended – actually, it was most definitely intended – forgive me): what is the meaning of food? Stop and think about that for a moment. If you have begun to read this sentence without pausing to stop and think, please go back to the beginning. Of everything. Thank you. Now, have you an answer? Have you drawn a concrete conclusion on the nature and meaning of food? Is it merely for nourishment? Merely for entertainment? Both of these things? Neither? Food permeates human existence. It can be the centre of human suffering. It can be the centre of one of the seven deadly sins. Some people live for it. Others die for it. Some even make their livelihood through and because of it. It is both – to an extent – necessary and unnecessary for life. Some individuals even spend countless hours writing ridiculous blogs about it and countless more hours thinking about it. I intend to delve into this question through the exploration of food, in relation to whatever its context may be on any given day, and I truly hope that there is either one very broad or thousands of specifc answers to this incredibly decontextualised question. Happy eating, and think before you chew.

Additional articles referring to these specific themes, as well as the overarching concept of this blog, can be found below.

a word from olafur eliasson


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