Eating Thai Chili

Here is my first ever ‘video blog’ for Foodinthesense. A while back I got some thai chili – one of my favourite peppers for flavour and seasoning – for making daily stir fry and other fun foodie randomness. So one fine day I took it upon myself to eat some raw. In strict accordance with the ancient Greek mindset of striving to experience all things at least once, I ate three.

And here is my dear brother’s loving video response:

All in good fun.

So go out and get some chili I guess. Good stuff.

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3 thoughts on “Eating Thai Chili

  1. Brad says:

    You guys are awesome!

  2. Kaia Calhoun says:

    Laughed so hard! Your reactions were the best 🙂

  3. Susie says:

    i enjoyed watching that, i grew up on spicy German foods; kind of is a contradiction of itself, but pretty much you can put chili’s and hot sauce in anything and its going to be on my plate and gone within 1 minute

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